Why You Should get a Dog

One of the fondest memories of the average child’s life was commonly when they got a dog as a pet. Children are very connected to their friendly pets. They have many reasons to enjoy them and have fun. Dogs sense the spirit of play and attention that is in children and quickly embrace their company. For families that are considering getting a pet, they may be wondering why they should get one. There are many reasons to consider, but in the end, every family values different things. There are number of benefits to having a dog that include regular exercise, the happiness that a dog exhibits when they see you, the company that they provide, the responsibility that can be taught to children, teaching compassion the children, teaching anger control children, and many others. A dog is a valued companion and a responsibility that many enjoy. Dogs need attention in many ways.

Dogs require exercise, they require attention, they require feeding, they require veterinary attention, and many other commitments come with the package. Depending on the individual or family, it can be an opportunity to invest time into the relationship, it can be an interesting hobby, or can be an opportunity to learn how to care for another being.

Betty S. Egger is a retired dog trainer that spent more than 20 years in the business. She is still involved with the dog community, and she advises people to consider the positives of having a dog as well as a realistic perspective on the commitment that it takes to have a dog as a pet.

Life in Mercer Island

The quaint city in King County, Washington known as Mercer Island is known for its idyllic views and relaxed lifestyle. Families love this area for many reasons, but people often point out that it is affordable, safe, has good schools, and is close to downtown. Newcomers report that they do not have any trouble meeting other people and making friends. The variety of ethnic backgrounds of the residents of this city indicates the social sensibilities of the greater Seattle metropolitan area. The island is literally a geographical island, unlike some municipalities that hold the name. It is connected to the greater Seattle area by two stretches of bridges along the I90 interstate. According to the latest estimates, some 22,000 people call this city home. It is quite possible for an individual to know everybody on the island or conversely be known by everybody on the island. Despite having its own ZIP Code, its own Chamber of Commerce, and its own school district, the city is dependent on the greater Seattle area for many services.

As you can probably imagine, with such a unique geographical presence, there are many traditions that are unique in the city. Each summer is filled with a grand celebration including the July 4 fireworks show and various other events. It is surrounded by pristine beaches and it is also home to many public parks. Betty S. Egger is a resident of Mercer Island. For 20 years, she served as a trainer for dogs. She is now retired and enjoys her life here on the island.

Of Shelters and Progress

The treatment of cats and dogs in shelters that are run by different organizations is an issue that continues to draw attention. There are many people that feel very intense feelings for preserving humane treatment of animals that wind up in shelters. Certain municipal districts have responded with reviews of the shelters to get some insight at the euthanization rates and look at the overall treatment. There has been a movement towards shelters that have “no-kill” policies. These types of shelters have significant costs associated with them, but for those that operate and work at these types of facilities, the effort is worth it. These shelters count on the rehoming of pets and finding the right families to adopt these animals. Some big box pet stores and malls across the country are beginning to feature homeless animals for adoption. Although many people are looking for puppies, there is a compelling case for a mature and well-trained animal that just needs a home to live in.

Betty S. Egger is deeply involved in these types of causes. She comes from a dog background, having retired from a career of over 20 years training dogs for clients throughout the Seattle metropolitan area. She encourages people to look at these pets that deserve to find a home where they can live in happiness. She feels that we can avoid having to put animals to sleep unnecessarily. She works with other volunteers, rescue groups, foster families, and the general public on her mission of getting the word out on the topic of adoption.

Advice for Boarding 

Your dog

Dogs are important members of many families. When you go out of town, a boarding kennel can give your pet the quality care that you need for them. Additionally, you can have the peace of mind that it will be cared for in a way that you would expect. The simple fact of the matter is that friends and neighbors may not have the experience for time to provide the good care that you typically give your pet. This is especially true when a longer trip is involved. Dedicated professionals such as pet sitters and boarding kennels offer the kind of dedicated pet care that you’re looking for. Consider that a long airplane ride or long drive might cause stress upon your pet that is undue. Although there are many workarounds, many hotels do not welcome pads or only up to a certain size.

A proper kennel will provide the type of supervision and attention that a dog needs throughout the day. Compared to spending days home alone, a kennel stay is a more engaging experience. The staff at kennels can spot health problems, which is a valuable relief when you have a dog that has certain medical conditions that require monitoring. Kennels are also secure which means that you do not have to worry about dogs escaping your home fence area because they are bored or get frightened.

Betty S. Egger is a former dog, trainer. She worked in the industry for 20 years. She advises pet owners to find a good kennel for their pet when they are on vacation. She also adds that owners should visit these kennels and evaluate both the staff and facilities to see how it is for their special member of the family.

Dog Trainers are Human Trainers

Many trainers will admit that though their title may be “dog trainer” they are often training the humans more than the canines. This is because not all people know exactly how to train and care for their pooch properly. The trainers help the owners to understand their dog and how they need to adequately care for their dog. These trainers know the importance of continual training for the dog outside of their training sessions alone, which is why dog trainers are in some ways a human trainer as well.

When a dog owner leaves a training session, they should be able to take what they learned from the class and use it at home. Some of the most important training sessions for a dog and owner do not come during the training session, but at home as they continue to work on what the dog needs to learn. When a dog and a human spend time working together and create memories through their success, the two are creating a strong connection and bond that will last for years to come.

Betty S. Egger enjoyed a long, storied, and successful career as a dog trainer. The native of Mercer Island, WA swears that the best training method for a human and their dog is positive reinforcement. The recently returned dog trainer believes that any dog can become a great family pet when they are given the proper training and a chance to make their owners happy. When it comes down to it, all a dog wants to do is live happily while making their owners happy.

Dog Training - Practice Makes Perfect

Dogs can’t be completely trained in the trainer’s room. In order to get your dog to do what you want and listen to you, you have to work with him individually at home. This means setting aside time to practice the training you learned in class as much as you can. You don’t have to spend hours outside of class reinforcing everything you learned in class with your dog, but you do have to use the principles you learned in class with your dog every day. Learning a new set of rules for your household is all new experience for your dog, and practicing those new rules and training is the best way for your dog to perfect his skills in following your orders over time.

After your dog learns how to sit in training, for example, take your dog home and see if he can perform outside the trainer’s room. Practicing in as many environments as possible is a must to ensure that your dog obeys you in all instances, not just when it’s easy. The more the dog does it, the easier it will be for you and your dog. Practicing at home is especially important for puppies, because they can easily forget their training with a trainer.

Betty S. Egger says that she urges everyone who invests in a training class for their dog invest time in working with their dogs at home as well. Egger spent twenty years as dog trainer and boarder in Mercer Island, Washington.

A Dog Needs to Build Confidence

Everyone needs someone who can build confidence in their life; this includes dogs. Dog training is all about building confidence in your dog. The breeding of dogs from thousands of years ago has focused on the work they can do for a human. Pleasing humans is an instinct of dogs. Dogs love to be a part of their human’s life by doing whatever it is they can do to make them happy.

 Dogs are willing to go through great extents to please their humans. Some bring in dead animals to show off, while others will protect the house and all of the residents by barking at each and every noise throughout the night. Though these traits can be seen as silly, annoying, and many times unpleasant, dogs do this because they are trying their best to make their owners happy. For this reason, dog training was invented.

 Taking a dog to training is one of the most important things an owner of a dog can do to benefit the relationship that is built between dog and human. The training is not only for the dog, but for the human too. A special bond is built between the owners and owned and together they become more attached to one another. The dog become confident in what the owner wants them to do. A confident dog will be a good dog, as he or she will confidently know what makes their human happy.

 Betty S. Egger is a native of Mercer Island, WA. This retired dog trainer worked professionally for over twenty years helping humans and dogs create a long lasting bond.

Dog Training - The Power of Hand Signals

Most dog trainers teach their clients to use hand signals when they are teaching their dogs new commands for a number of reasons. Hand signals are a way of reinforcing the commands in the dog’s mind. The dog can respond not only to your verbal command, but also to your hand signal, further driving home your command in the dog’s brain. Another reason that hand signals are so important is because you can command your dog from afar when they can see you but not hear you. When you’re at the dog park, for example, and you see your dog engaging in inappropriate behavior, you can signal from a long distance to get him to do what you want. Sometimes yelling and running toward your dog with urgency will only exacerbate the situation.

When you’re dog is scuffling with another dog, you can make him come to you with a hand signal and your words. By learning the hand signal for “come,” for example, you can gesture for your dog to return to you and extricate himself from a potentially dangerous situation quickly before it gets worse.

Betty S. Egger swears by hand signals. She has taught her clients from her dog training business hand signals for twenty years. She continues to work with dogs—she has five of her own—even after her retirement earlier this year. She is known as “the dog lady” around her home town of Mercer Island, Washington, working with no-kill shelters to raise money and help dogs in the area.

Training Your New Dog - The Basics

The first thing you have to remember when you bring a new puppy home is that he or she will have accidents in your home. New puppies don’t know the rules of your home, which no doubt include no peeing or pooping on the floor. Puppies have trouble regulating their bladders and bowels, just like babies. The first key to training your dog to only pee and poop outside is patience. When you first get your puppy, plan on taking him or her out every two hours when you’re home to reinforce potty training and give your new dog a chance to relieve him or herself at regular intervals outside.

Puppies have one goal in life: to please their owners. When they fail in this task, they get upset and frustrated. When you’re training your dog, you have to give the new dog a chance to succeed. Leaving your puppy alone for the day may be necessary if you have to work, but don’t expect the dog to hold it for too long. The best way to give your dog a chance is to take him or her outside as much as possible. This will establish consistency and balance in the life of your young dog, which is what they crave in their lives.

Betty S Egger is a retired dog trainer with over twenty years of experience running her dog training and boarding business from her home on Mercer Island, Washington. She says that getting a new puppy means lots of potty training and accidents as you establish norms and rules for your home.